Kitbash3d - Wasteland
Kitbash3d - Wasteland | 4.45 GB

Create desolate, apocalyptic landscapes with this enormous kit's vast array of complex, stacked structures intertwined with nasty trailers, broken down vehicles, ramshackle warehouses, and even destroyed airplanes and oil tankers! Buses, pipes, dams, oil drums, shipping containers, factory chimneys, and much more await you inside this gigantic kit of epic devastation!
Evermotion Archmodels Vol. 144 - Living Room Furniture
Evermotion Archmodels Vol. 144 - Living Room Furniture | 1.4 GB

Archmodels vol. 144 includes 76 professional, highly detailed 3d models for architectural visualizations. This collection comes with high quality living room furniture and appliances with all textures and materials. Presented models and scenes were rendered in V-ray with 3ds max. Scenes are not included.
CGAxis HDRI Maps Collection Volume 1-7
CGAxis HDRI Maps Collection Volume 1-7 | 170.4 GB

CGAxis HDRI Maps Collection Volume 1-7 contains 70 huge resolution, full spherical (360x180 degree) panoramic HDRI maps.
Vasil Peychev - Female Basemesh 01 - 07
Vasil Peychev - Female Basemesh 01 - 07 | 32.3 GB

"Basemeshes are great to jump-start any idea!
Can be used for personal and commercial projects.
Up to SDiv 6 - 9M polys, UVW unwrapped."
Evermotion Archinteriors Vol. 43
Evermotion Archinteriors Vol. 43 | 8.9 GB

Archinteriors vol. 43 includes 10 fully textured Scandinavian style interior scenes. Every scene is ready to render with professional shaders and lighting.
Evermotion Archmodels Vol. 116
Evermotion Archmodels Vol. 116 | 9.7 GB

Archmodels vol. 116 includes 26 visualization puzzles and 25 sets of lawns, fences, benches, gates, pavements and more for exterior renders. All models are ready to use with textures and shaders.
Daz 3D - Tika 8 Pro Bundle
Daz 3D - Tika 8 Pro Bundle - 59259 | 1.6 GB

Short and sassy, cute and courageous, Tika is an incredible character. The combination of mixed nationality and eclectic fashion style lend her a touch of mystery, presented confidently though athletic elegance with a touch of mischief.
Daz 3D - Mrs Chow 8 Pro Bundle
Daz 3D - Mrs Chow 8 Pro Bundle - 58305 | 2 GB

While Mrs Chow may be accustomed to the more traditional ways of eastern lifestyle, her contemporary embrace of fashionable style is an expression of elegance. This, combined with her kind and compassionate nature, makes her everybody favorite (and fun) grandmother!
Daz 3D - Mr Woo 8 Pro Bundle
Daz 3D - Mr Woo 8 Pro Bundle - 59073 | 1.8 GB

Help represent traditional Asian style and faithful dedication to martial arts, represented through wisdom and dignity with Mr. Woo. Either as a standalone character or companion to Mrs. Chow, Mr. Woo is a strong tribute to the most prevailing characteristics of traditional Eastern style and form.
CGTrader - Soldier complete Pack
CGTrader - Soldier complete Pack | 2.4 GB

3D Soldier tactical equipment modeled in high precision. This model has been accurately recreated in 3d High poly to keep every details.
The Quality you need : First of all, this model was based on a several pictures and close up and 3D scans of the real products to provide you the best quality in terms of texture references and proportions.